Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stages of LOVE

When you have a crush on someone and you see him/her everyday at school

When you knew that your crush had a secret crush on you too

When you both call and text each other every night

When you and your crush became in a relationship

When you had your first fight

When things get hard and you can’t fix it anymore

When you decided to end your relationship


  1. hahahahha....xde la smapai thap gmbr ke dua last tu..
    life is more than love babeh...
    go single go..hahaha

  2. haha first2 cam best tgk..last2 dh xbest dh..
    but i like this entry..
    kak xwat button like kow???huhu

  3. chah~single doesnt mean no one admire you :) me too..muahhaaha

    cik syida~hopefully it'll long lasting..xjadi mcm ini entry..aritu ilang, xbuh dh..hehe

  4. huhuhu amin ya rabbalalamin~~
    owh2..xpola..kito share xpo..hik3